The decision of parents to enrol their child in a high school must have 4 basic elements, which are associated with the safety confirmation:

  • The quality of knowledge
  • The quality of of safety / control
  • The quality of respect for the child's personality
  • The quality of educational methods


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School psychologist letter

Dear Parents,

Are you wondering what to do when your child begins to look like an adult but it is not an adult yet?

When it complains, does not want to listen, protests, delays doing the chores, wants to go out, acts in an "unacceptable" way ...

It is essential to separate the child as a person from its behavior. Do not criticize your child, but its behavior. It is not the child that is bad, but its actions. It can always apologize and change the way it acts, but if we criticize its personality - the child may find it difficult to respond in an appropriate way. If we criticize the child too often, it will identify with the person being criticized.

They are in the period when they fight for their opinions, their ideas and their interests, but still like a sponge, absorb everything from the environment. You are the ones who are still setting an example to the adolescents by your behaviour. It is important what you say, but you send even a greater message through your reactions. Show your support, show love and gentleness, but point out that everything is not allowed and that together with freedom and numerous rights there are obligations as well.

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Само срећна деца...

су стварно успешна деца

This is the period in which children start questioning their strengths and weaknesses, when they can not decide between fitting and standing out, accepting the standards and breaking the rules. The task of all of us is to emphasize their strength and potential when they forget about them and to tell the children that everything they see as weakness can be changed for the better. The task of parents and teachers is to help children find a way of functioning that will be agreeable for them, and at the same time accept the basic rules that are important to become a functional member of the society and find optimal ways to express individuality.

In everyday conversation with children it is important to leave room for feedback. Allow them to point out your mistakes and accept criticism if it is justified. In this way you will learn them to express their dissatisfaction and to communicate assertively.

It is a tough job to inspire and motivate young people to follow their dreams and at the same time keep their both feet on the ground so that they can know that hard work is required to achieve any dream.

Encourage them to believe in themselves. Adolescence is a difficult period, because they are no longer children and the achievements of adults seem so unreachable. Tell them about your path to success. Tell them it is okay to be wrong. Tell them that there are serious things in life, but you can climb any stairs if you try hard enough.

Parents, as well as everyone involved in the education process of young people, should work as a team. Their joint efforts should create the chance to get the most from the potential of every child.

School Psychologist


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